Friday, August 24, 2007

blue pants

BDG Skinny Lightweight Pant$58.00 :: BDG Bright 5-Pocket Skinny Pant$49.00 :: Old Navy Colored Jeans$29.50


I absolutely prefer Old Navy's "Sweetheart" version of the suddenly popular blue pant. Not only are they a color that is wearable through more seasons and at more occasions, but they are also more comfortable for curvy bodies. Not to mention, they are cheaper! These same pants also come in Lemon Mint, Dino Purple, Natural, Red, & Black as well as a variety of shades of denim.

However, if you like the other pairs better, both can be purchased at

PS: The Sweetheart pants have totally adorable stitching on the back pockets!

Until next time,


Rose said...

pretty cute cute pretty.

do i want so much attention on my legs?

i'ttle be nice not having to preform the "double pull" (pants and then shirt).

yay for avian jugggz!

Katface said...

I'm not a fan of many bight colored pants, I can understand the blue, but I crave the red and admire the purple (if done right)